Ropes That Rescue can provide detailed WRITTEN PROCEDURES for your transmission/substation work or rescue. We can meticulously illustrate with detail the procedures for the work method. This means drawing and illustrating your particular transmission towers or substation structures with precision. RTR will take blueprints of your towers and structures and design the procedure to fit your needs. The procedures and associated illustrations will be comprehensive and will provide the groundwork for work method involving rope. A good ilustration is worth a thousand words. 

See below example of our transmission line illustration work:

  1. Top & Middle: 500kv power transmission line rope access work method illustrations by Reed Thorne of RTR for Pacific Gas & Electric Company in 2015.
    Illustrations used for changeout of pre-form cross tie spacers on guyed tangent 500kv lines (top) and dead end 500kv down guy pre-form spacers (middle). See the video HERE of this work. All illustrations are copyright© RTR 2015.
  2. Bottom: Rescue method  illustrations by Reed Thorne of RTR for  Quanta Energized Services Inc using Georgia contractor to replace V string insulators on energized 500kv lines, 2012. See the video HERE of this work. All training and the written procedures for this important work performed by RTR. All illustrations are copyright© RTR 2012. 

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