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ROPES THAT RESCUE sells knowlledge only and therefore has teamed up exclusively with AHS Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona
Visitors to the RTR web site will notice that we have NO OTHER EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. There is a good reason for this: 

  1. INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE OF THE ROPE, GEAR & EQUIPMENT (Dale Stewart , owner of AHS Rescue, is a vertiable walking encyclopedia on the equipment he sells)
  2. BEST PRICES with additional discounting for RTR students
  3. MOST ROPE AND EQUIPMENT IS "IN STOCK" meaning that they have it on the shelf so you do not need to wait for it to be drop shipped
  4. AHS Rescue will ship your rope/gear to our various RTR workshop locations for you so it is waiting for you when you arrice

They are intimately familiar with each of the Required Equipment Lists (see below) for all the RTR Workshops offered. Their knowledgable staff understands how the equipment is used and which components RTR recommends for its many workshops


All RTR students receive discounted pricing at AHS Rescue. Start the process with step-by-step instruction to “Get A Quote”. Click the link below to view and purchase the equipment needed for the workshop you are attending:


Click on the RTR list  below for YOUR workshop (NOTE: some workshops share the same GENERAL equipment list). If you wish to view the items on that list, click on the "See AHS Rescue web site" link.  Then pick the things you need (as some you may already have) and then “Get A Quote”.


AHS Rescue provides world class equipment for those in the rope access and rope rescue arenas. In addition, their commitment to excellence is also known throughout the cellular tower, confined space and other industries that work with rope. 

Visit AHSRescue.com. See our brands. Get helpful info in the Resource Library. Let us give you a quote on the gear and equipment you need. Contact us with any questions. 

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